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Thru-Axle vs Quick Release: Comparison

by Nepest Sports 30 Aug 2023 0 Comments

In recent years, thru-axle has become more and more popular. But for rim brake bikes, they can only use quick release. Now the thru-axle has gradually become the standard for mountain bikes. Let's discuss what quick release and thru-axle are and their pros and cons.

First of all, what is a thru-axle?

The thru axle is the connection system for the wheels. Wheels can be secured between trips in the bike frame or the fork. The thru axle goes through the fork or frame into the hub, and the wheel is held in place by the camming mechanism at the other end. So the wheel replacement of the thru axle is inconvenient.

What is a quick release?

Quick release is the wheel attachment system on most bicycles. The quick release does not require any tools to assist in installing or changing wheels. The working principle of the quick release is to insert it into the "U" groove. After tightening the nut, Lock the quick release by clamping it so that the wheel will be fixed. When disassembling the wheelset, unlock the quick release, and the quick release will remain on the wheel. If the original wheel is broken during the race, quickly remove the quick release axle and replace it with a new wheel. It saves a lot of time.

Thru-axle vs Quick release

What are the advantages of the thru-axle?

  1. As we all know, the thru axle is safer and will not break easily and bend under heavy pressure. For example, for a downhill bike, which needs to jump and fall, if it uses a general quick release, it may break probably.
  2. The bike of the thru axle improves stability with handling by connecting the two forks to make the front end stiffer. There is a big performance improvement, and it also makes the two forks less bendable. It is a big performance improvement by making the two forks less bendable). Therefore, the front wheel can also be more firmly fixed to the bike when cornering.
  3. The thru axle can prevent the uneven suspension of the fork, by connecting the two forks, so the two forks can be synchronized.
  4. Compared with quick release, braking friction of the thru-axle is reduced.

What are the disadvantages of the thru-axle?

In terms of safety, the thru axle has nothing to be worried about.

  1. The price of a thru axle is more expensive than a quick release.
  2. The thru axle will be heavier than quick release.
  3. Tool installation is required when changing the wheel of the thru axle.

What are the advantages of the quick release?

  1. Quick release is lighter than thru axle
  2. The price is lower than that of a thru axle
  3. It is more convenient and quicker to change the wheel
  4. When you need replacement parts, it is easier to buy. If you travel in remote areas and lack a certain part, you can also find the parts you need in some smaller bicycle shops. But for the thru axle, you need to go to the city. Thru axle parts are usually available at high-end bike shops. Therefore, many riders who often travel abroad will choose quick release.

Disadvantages of quick release

It is dangerous in some cases, such as a long-term riding, because if it is not installed properly, it will fall off easily and become loose.

Since the quick release is relatively thin, prolonged jumping and falling may cause the quick release to bend. It may break over time.

This is an old technology. Except for the rim brake bikes that can only use quick release, most high-end bikes use thru axles.

I believe that many people have heard of Titanium quick release. What is the difference between Titanium quick release and ordinary quick releases? Ordinary quick release weighs 98g/pair, while Titanium quick release weighs only 52g/pair. Please check the picture below. Would you like our titanium quick-release skewer? Please contact me.

Titanium quick release and ordinary quick releases

That's all for the analysis of thru axle and quick release. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with the best service!


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