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Internal Nipple Holes / External Nipple Holes

by Nepest Sports 26 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Now the popularity of Internal nipple holes is slowly starting. Many people choose to use Internal nipple holes in order to make the wheel look simpler. Let's discuss the differences between Internal nipple holes and external nipple holes.

What are external nipple holes?

The external nipple is placed in a 4.5 mm diameter hole, which is relatively large in diameter and destroys more carbon. The surrounding area is reinforced.

What are the advantages of external nipple holes?

  • When replacing the spoke or nipple, it is not necessary to remove the entire wheel, which is convenient for disassembly and repair.
  • Works on all rims

Disadvantages of external nipple holes:

  • The diameter of the external nipple holes is large, and more carbon is destroyed, which increases the possibility of fracture.
  • To reinforce the damaged area, the rim adds unnecessary thickness and weight.

What are Internal nipple holes?

The Internal nipple is built into a smaller hole with a diameter of 2.5mm, which destroys less carbon and therefore doesn't break easily.

What are the advantages of Internal nipple holes?

  • The diameter of the hole is smaller, the carbon that is interrupted less, and it is stronger.
  • The diameter of the hole is smaller, which is more aerodynamic.
  • Internal nipple holes have a more beautiful appearance.

Disadvantages of Internal nipple holes:

  • It is inconvenient to dismantle and repair, and the entire wheel needs to be removed to replace the spoke.
  • It is not recommended to use a rim with a depth of less than 25mm. Additionally, rims with internal holes cannot be used with tubeless tires unless they have a rim bed holes design, making it impossible to build the wheels.

carbon rim

While understanding the difference between external nipple holes and internal nipple holes as above,do you also have any research on how to drill holes?

In order to solve the problem of fracture caused by excessive pressure when the spoke is riding, Nepest R&D team adjusted the angle of the drill hole, using the method of AB angle +/- 5 degrees or AB angle +/- 7 degrees, the spoke will not be angled. The pressure on the spoke is also reduced, thereby preventing the spoke from breaking.

If you are a wheel builder and need a special drilling angle, you can tell us before placing an order.

The above is about the difference between external nipple holes and internal nipple holes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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