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650C vs 700C Wheels: Exploring the Differences

by Nepest Sports 08 Aug 2023 0 Comments

In recent years, 700C wheels have become more common, while 650C wheels have gradually disappeared from road bikes market.

What is a 700C wheelset?

A 700C rim means that the wheel (including the tire) is 700 mm in diameter. The 700C rim bicycle is the most commonly used model of road bicycle, referring to the size of the outer diameter of the tire. The actual size of the rim is not 700mm, but 622mm (according to ISO International unified standard).

What is a 650C wheelset?

The ISO standard dimension of the 650C size is 571mm in diameter.

Advantages of the 650C

  • Usually 650C wheels are more suitable for shorter athletes (less than or equal to 5 feet 4 inches / 163cm), because the handlebars can be placed in a lower position.
  • Smaller wheels are easier to maneuver.
  • The toes are not easy to collide with the rear side of the front wheel.
  • Reduced exposure to crosswinds, especially for lighter athletes.
  • The wheels are lighter and easier to pack.
  • You should know handcycle, it is a recumbent style cycle sport. Mostly of the handcyclers choose 650C wheels. We accept private mould customizing, also welcome for handcycle wheels business.

Advantages of the 700C

  • Lower rolling resistance.
  • Stronger reversal ability
  • Usually suitable for taller athletes

Bigger wheels will be faster?

The assumption that bigger wheels are faster is false. Although the circumference is larger, the wheel is heavier and has less kinetic energy to accelerate. Several record-setting bikes have small wheels. Wheel size doesn't affect speed.

Can we put the 650C wheels on a 700C frame?

The answer is no. The 650C wheels' diameter is 571mm, so the rims are too large? and unable to fit the brake caliper.


For most riders, the performance difference between the two wheel sizes isn't that big. Depending on the height of riders, wheels' size can affect ride comfort.Riders of 5'4" or less are generally better suited for bikes with smaller frames and wheels. If you are over 6 feet tall, bikes with larger frames and wheels are generally better. Whether you are more concerned with leisure and comfort or speed and performance, the right size is one of the important factors in combination with your own conditions.


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