Cycling mobile phone holder

The mobile phone is an extended organ for modern people, it is essential to go out, and the same is true for riding. For some riders, it is the guarantee of finding their way home.

So the question is, will you pick a mobile phone holder?

Styles of bicycle phone holders:

  • Clip-on mobile phone holder

Clip-on mobile phone holders are one of the most extensive types of mobile phone holders on the market, with materials ranging from hard plastic to alloy.

Advantages: wide adaptability, can be easily adapted to various mobile phone styles, and the price is affordable.

Disadvantages: The clamp-on mobile phone holder has a large number of movable parts, and the overall firmness is relatively weak compared with the following models.

Purchase suggestion: The clip-on mobile phone holder is relatively more suitable for riding on flat paved roads, and due to the working principle, the size of this type of mobile phone holder is often larger, and the quality requirements for fasteners are also higher.

  • Silicone bicycle phone holder

The main body of the silicone bicycle phone holder is made of soft silicone material without any metal parts. This kind of mobile phone holder generally adopts a bundling fixing method, which makes full use of the material characteristics of silica gel, has full flexibility, strong grip, and evenly tightens the mobile phone after being fixed.

In daily use, the performance of the silicone bicycle phone holder depends entirely on the characteristics of the material itself. Therefore, the formulas of this type of phone holder sold by different manufacturers are also inconsistent, and the price and service life are also very different. As for the assembly method, the silicone bicycle phone holder can be flexibly fixed on the stem, handlebar or upper tube of the bicycle, which is very convenient. Both road bikes and mountain bikes are universal.

Purchase advice: This kind of silicone mobile phone holder is very dependent on material properties, so choose high-priced and good-quality products as much as possible.

  • Mobile phone shell type mobile phone holder

This is the one with the best adaptability and the highest cost among the mobile phone holders. This type of mobile phone holder is divided into two parts, one part is the support part fixed on the bicycle. This part has two types: clamp ring and head tube cover. One fixing method, in which the head tube cover is better, and the degree of integration is higher. The other part is a fixed frame directly integrated with the mobile phone, which is the mobile phone case.

When the two are usually separated, the mobile phone case part can be used daily. When riding, the mobile phone case and the stand are combined to form a complete set of fixing brackets. The fixing method is generally pin fixing, and the firmness is relatively reliable.

Purchase suggestion: This type of mobile phone holder needs to be made specifically for specific mobile phone models, and the cost is higher, and the model adaptation is less. Those who buy this type of mobile phone holder need to pay attention to whether the holder has their own mobile phone. model.

  • Top tube bag with mobile phone bit

Strictly speaking, this is not a mobile phone holder, but this is the style chosen by many beginners and long-distance riders. It is necessary to mention it. This type of upper tube bag has a window open on the upper part, which can touch the phone while taking into account the waterproof. The method of use is very simple. After the upper tube bag is installed, the phone can be inserted. It should be noted that the current type of upper tube bag has a difference in model size, so you need to pay attention to it when purchasing.

Purchase advice: The biggest advantage of this type of upper tube bag is waterproof, so you must pay attention to choosing products that have been laminated.

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Mobile phone bracket purchase skills

  • Long-distance riding behavior-oriented riding.

It is recommended to "carry a mobile phone bag on top". Long-distance travel does not require high immediacy of information reading, and in case of a crash, the location of the mobile phone can also avoid damage caused by bumps.

  • Cycling guided by urban cycling.

The above "clip-on mobile phone holder" and "mobile phone case-type mobile phone holder" are more suitable, and can have a more comfortable viewing angle whether it is for navigation or for riding apps.

  • Sports and fitness-oriented cycling.

Recommend "silicone bicycle phone holder" and "mobile phone case type phone holder". First of all, the strength of this type of riding is far greater than that of long-distance and urban riding. It has high requirements for the stability of the mobile phone holder. At the same time, the size of the bracket should not be too large, and it must have a certain degree of protection for the mobile phone itself.