Cycling code table

The stopwatch may be the last equipment you equip after you get a new car, but it will be the thing you pay attention to the most during riding. A basic computer should accurately display speed, maximum speed, average speed, mileage, total mileage, riding time and other parameters, while a good computer can support heart rate, cadence, power, altitude, temperature and humidity, etc. It can be said that it is the center console of the bicycle and the on-board computer that feedback the data of the riding state in an all-round way. Choosing a useful stopwatch is a crucial thing, because it will greatly enhance your riding experience.

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Select the required display parameters

At the very least, a stopwatch should be able to accurately display the three sets of parameters of speed, mileage and time. A single watch head can obtain these data through GPS and display it on the screen, while a wireless computer with Bluetooth connection can be measured with a speed sensor, a cadence sensor and a heart rate belt and other peripherals to obtain more accurate measurements. Numerical value. According to your needs, make your display page concise and clear at a glance, and put the data you need to see most at the most conspicuous position.

Choose your preferred method of operation

Why must this point be emphasized? If you are not used to the touch screen code table, or can not remember the functions of several buttons, please take a look before you buy it clearly, what is the operation mode of the code table you are about to start with. Is it a full touch screen, two keys, three keys or four keys? Fewer buttons will inevitably bring simplicity to use, but its response speed and screen touch are not comparable to smart phones; on the contrary, although the buttons are effective at one press, they are often too hard to press, and it is easy to rotate the watch with one-handed operation. The head makes it fall from the stopwatch stand. And once the stopwatch is dropped when traveling at high speed, I am afraid that the gain will not be worth the loss.

The last thing to note is that you should not stare at the stopwatch for a long time during riding, especially on city roads or open tracks.

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