Bicycle water bottle holder

Bottle cages in different positions.

Our most common bottle cage installation positions are located in the down tube position of the front triangle of our frame, but this is not the only place where we can install the bottle cage. The important thing is that we need more different needs to choose where we want to be placed.

Standpipe: For some smaller frames or soft tail and compression frames, there may not be a bottle cage installation position in this position. If your frame has this position, you can consider installing a smaller water bottle, or a tool pot. If you don't need it, don't install it, because this position will produce greater air resistance than the down tube position.

The rear of the seat: Generally, most of the cars we see this installation method are triathlon race cars. On the one hand, the rear of the car seat can provide you with two extra bottles of water, and this position can also have lower wind resistance. Of course, even if it is a road car, you can install it here as long as the race permits.

Handlebars: Similarly, this installation method is mainly popular in triathlons. The bottle cage and the water bottle can be fixed in the middle of the pneumatic handlebar or above the airplane handle. Some kettles are mostly pneumatic and equipped with straws, which can be more convenient for drinking during riding.

Below the down tube: This position usually appears on gravel road bikes, all-terrain vehicles and station wagons, and some small frames will also reserve holes here. For station wagons, one more hole can be used to carry more water or to fix other things, such as maintenance tools, pumps, etc.

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Material and type of bottle cage

Aluminum alloy: This is the most classic bottle cage material, strong and durable.

Plastic: The most popular and most popular material at present. It is lighter than the aluminum alloy bottle cage, more variable style, durable and cheap. As long as you intend to load something, once it is inserted into the bottle cage, it can provide enough flexibility, even if it exceeds its size, you can also put it in.

Carbon fiber: The pursuit of weight is always endless, even if it is only a single-digit change. Of course, aesthetically, many people are more willing to match a carbon fiber frame with a bottle cage of the same material. Although the weight is lighter and there are many different shapes, the price is more expensive.

Titanium alloy and stainless steel: This kind of bottle cage is more common on the frame of the same material. It is more slender and has an extraordinary attraction. It is usually the first choice for retro cars or drivers who are pursuing simplicity, and it is usually expensive.

Magnetic bottle cage: There is a bottle cage that needs to be used with a special bottle. It is fixed by the magnet on the kettle. To be honest, this kind of bottle cage is okay if the road conditions are good, if it is off-road, I think it might happen that after you ride, you will find that the bottle has long been lost in which corner.

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