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Newly Released - Nepest 2024 FITZ Series Gravel Wheels

by Helen Zheng 21 Dec 2023

For years, Nepstsports has been synonymous with innovation, and the 2024 FITZ series is no exception. Crafted meticulously by a team of dedicated engineers and cycling enthusiasts, these gravel wheels epitomize the pinnacle of performance, durability, and design.

The latest release FITZ gravel wheel boasts a myriad of features designed to enhance the riding experience on various terrains. From challenging gravel paths to smooth tarmac, these wheels are engineered to excel in every environment.

1. Advanced Composite Build: Constructed using the latest in composite materials technology, these wheels strike the perfect balance between strength and weight, ensuring durability without compromising performance.

2. Aerodynamic Excellence: Engineered for speed and efficiency, the wheels' aerodynamic design minimizes drag, providing riders with a competitive edge on any terrain.

3. Durability Unmatched: Nepstsports has prioritized longevity without sacrificing performance. The 2024 FITZ series is built to withstand the toughest conditions, promising resilience on gravel tracks and beyond.

Below are the main features of Nepest FITZ wheels:


Better Material

TorayT800 carbon fiber lightweight yet robust and stiff.
Asymmetric Rims Profile

Asymmetric design wider rims to accommodate wider tires(28-50C), enhancing stability and traction on diverse surfaces.
Bladed Aero Spokes

Bladed Sapim CX Ray spokes for strength , aerodynamics, and better durability. 
Ceramic Bearing Hubs

Durable, sealed ceramic bearings and reliable engagement mechanisms contribute to smoother rolling and better power transfer.
Ratchet System

The ratchet system technology with 36T which features high-precision star ratchets, guarantees top performance and reliability.
Wider Tire Compatibility

Wider Clearance: Ensure compatibility with wider tires (around 28-50mm) for better traction, comfort, and adaptability to different terrains.
Super Light Weight

The Nepest FITZ Gravel Wheels is super light but not compromise construction with durability. It is reinforced carbon layups in critical areas to enhance durability without adding significant weight.
Build Quality and Assembly

100% Hand-built for optimizing tension and truing.
With stringent quality checks during assembly ensure uniform tension, spoke alignment, and overall reliability.

Get ready to embark on a new era of cycling with Nepstsports' 2024 FITZ series gravel wheels. The future of gravel riding is here, promising an exhilarating and unparalleled journey for cyclists around the globe.
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